BB404 La Cancalaise (D)
BB404 La Cancalaise (D)

BB404 La Cancalaise (D)

63.50 cm

80.00 cm

13.00 cm


The Bisquines are very well known by their characteristics and their boundless sails. The design of their hull comes from the French and English cutter of the end of 17th century. The name of Bisquines has not a particular signification, but it is probably because the boat came from the Bay of Biscay. During the half of the 18th century, the Bisquines have been adopted by the fishermen of French Bretagne for the fishing of oysters and until the beginning of the 20th century on all the French coasts. The Bisquines were built by hundreds. The hull was 18 meter long and the sails had a surface area of 350 square meters. These tremendous boats have probably been the first boat with spinnacker sails, used today on all modern sailing boats. At this time many Bisquines participate on historical regatta and their speed reach often 18 knots.