BB722 Hoogaars (D)
BB722 Hoogaars (D)

BB722 Hoogaars (D)

39.00 cm

44.00 cm

14.00 cm


This type of Dutch flat bottomed boat has not received the same attention as other vessels over the years. These boats originated 1780 – 1800 when they are mentioned for the first time in documents of that period. They were originally used for the fishing of mussels and oysters in Dutch and Flemish lakes and channels. Over the past 60 years these ships have gradually been updated by more modern versions and they are very often rebuilt today into popular pleasure boats. The “little” hoogaars-yacht, has been built in 1907 in the village Bruinisse for the ferryman from Gorishoek, which lies on the southern coast of the isle of Tholen. In 1924 this yacht has been rebuilt as a pleasure yacht by Mr. Hugo van Kuyck, member of the R.Y.C. in Belgium. Gratitude is due to Mr. J. van Beylen and the Belgian National Maritime Museum, Steenplein 11, Antwerpen. Material from the book “De Hoogaars”, published by; De Boer Maritiem.