Finding fittings and wood for your model!
If you want to build a model from scratch or equip your model with more beautiful fittings and exotic wood you can click below to find out more.

Finding the right tools and paint!
It is often difficult to find the right tools, the right paint or even the RC-unit that fits your boat. We have taken the headaches away from you and made our own line of accessories shown below.


Blister Fittings

Billing Boats produces over 3.000 different fittings in brass, wood and plastic. We have taken the 500 best selling items, and put them in blister, which can be obtained in any well assorted hobby shop.


Wooden Strips

We supply wooden strip and veneer in different types of wood and sizes. Our main type of wood is Basswood, Obechi and Mahogany.



Billing Boats has made its own line of Marine Colors. Available in most hobbyshops carrying our product.



Our new lines of tools are the essential tools needed to make one of our models. All tools are high quality and made in Europe and the USA.


Building Tools

Our Building tools are essential tools for the model builder who wants to make the building of our boats even easier.


- Beginners
- Advanced Beginners
- Experienced
- Experts

- Limited Releases
- Vintage Models
- Discontinued items
- Special Releases

- Fittings
- Wood
- Tolls, glue and paint
- Radio Control Equip.